An open letter of thanks for Outreach Renovation support

By Glenda Andrews

JubileeHouse_GlendaAndrewsAnd now the campaign of 2014 for Jubilee Ministries has come to a close.   The grants have been awarded, the green envelopes have been opened and the construction work will begin.

This has been a long journey for Grace’s Outreach Jubilee Ministries. Before these ministries could move forward, the first step was to look inside the ministries to evaluate their mission and the needs of those that are served.   Very quickly the outreach ministries became aware that what was needed the most was more physical space in order to better serve the increase of people who visited them each day.

The Outreach Jubilee Ministries are Grace’s ministries and to the Body of Christ at Grace they came to ask for help in this most vital request and COME YOU DID. There were stories in the bulletin to bring you into the world of the ministries, announcements at the services for updates, brochures, pictures boards, and slide shows of the ministries in action, and tours of the physical building were all made available to bring us all together as one in this campaign.

So today it is my honor to say to you THANK YOU! Thank you for all you have done that is keeping these outreach ministries strong in order to serve those in the most need. Thank you for your love, caring, and understanding that we are all together as one when we are serving God’s people.

We asked the Body of Grace for your help and you stepped up with all YOUR GRACE and supported these outreach ministries with your prayers, time, and donations. You are what makes us one strong family.

Thank you for being there.

July 4, 2014