Blessed by Daniel’s leadership – but not reliant

By Steve Wade
Senior Warden

Steve WadeIt is customary within the Episcopal Church for a rector of a parish to be given a sabbatical every few years. This time away from daily duties is intended to allow for a dedicated time of study and spiritual renewal. In the coming year, after five years of ministry at Grace and 10 years of ordained ministry, it is time for Daniel to go on sabbatical.

The obvious purpose of this sabbatical is to give Daniel time to learn, reflect, and grow in his faith. There is, however, a second benefit that is less obvious. By investing in this sabbatical, the church has a chance to remember that, although we are blessed by Daniel’s leadership, we are not reliant on it. We are, in fact, a ministering congregation, not merely a congregation with a minister.,

Daniel, Amy, Rachel, Jolie, and Henri will be spend June, July, and August traveling in Great Britain. While there Daniel will study, write, and rest. As a result of this time away, Daniel will be personally renewed, and we as a church will be ready to resume our ministry with him.

Daniel is intentionally preparing for this time away both practically and prayerfully, and I suggest we do the same. As a church we, too, have a great opportunity to grow, but if we do not prepare ourselves we will miss this opportunity. Over the coming months I encourage each of you to join the Vestry as we pray for Daniel and his family and to listen for how God would have us use this time.