Minutes – 150th Annual Meeting

January 22, 2017

 I.    Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by The Reverend Carlton Kelley at 11:36 a.m.

II.   Opening Prayer
Rev. Kelley offered the opening prayer.

III.    Welcome/Remarks
Members of the congregation were welcomed to the 150th Annual Meeting by The Reverend Carlton Kelley.  Comment cards were available by the font.  Use of the stand up microphone was encouraged for comments or questions from the congregation.

IV. Business

  • Motion by Bob Foote, seconded by Roberta Deuker, to approve Ward Kuhn as parliamentarian. Motion approved.  Ward confirmed the presence of a quorum.
  • Motion by Bob Foote, seconded by Anne Montgomery, to approve the agenda for the meeting. Motion approved.
  • Motion by Harry Wiberg, seconded by Lynn Feeter, to approve Sue Kelly as secretary.
  • Motion by Roberta Deuker, seconded by Sandy Foote, to approve Nancy Flowers, Anne Montgomery, and Chuck Wolterink as election tellers.
  • Motion by Sandy Foote, seconded by Harry Wiberg, to approve the minutes of the 149th Annual Meeting.
  • Rev. Kelley reviewed the voting eligibility.
  • Elections:

Nominating Committee
Motion by Barbara Klugh, seconded by Penny Campo-Pierce, to elect Mary Sullivan Pierce and Kate Wood, by acclamation, to the Nominating Committee.  Motion approved.

Rector Search Committee Update
MaryLee Pakieser gave an update on the RSC (addendum).  The Community Profile for candidates is posted on our website and the National Church website.  The application period began on December 1, 2016 and will close on March 1, 2017.  The RSC is a dedicated, spiritual group and they ask the congregation to hold them in prayer.  Questions were taken from the congregation.

Report from the Treasurer:
Mark Stackable gave a brief update on the finances.  The vestry has had to make some tough decisions with pledges significantly down for 2017.   The congregation was sent a letter detailing the deficit and the cuts that will need to be made in 6 months if pledges do not increase.  The vestry is committed to working within a balanced budget and to update the congregation quarterly.  Questions were taken from the congregation.

The meeting was opened to general questions and comments from the congregation.  (addendum)

V. Report of the Tellers
Diocesan Convention Delegates
Elizabeth Blondia, Greg Hagan, and Donna Olendorf, were elected delegates to the 2017 Diocesan Convention.  Elizabeth Black, Rosemary Hagan, George Prewitt will be the alternates.

James Deaton, Kathryn Holl, Bill Smith, and Jeff Wescott were elected to 3-year terms on the vestry.  Karl Bastian will be appointed by the vestry to fill a 1-year term.

VI. Prayer for the Deceased
Rev. Kelley offered a prayer for the following Grace parishioners and Jubilee House patrons who died in 2016:

Agnes “Chris” Black        Sylvia Keely                   Ruth Ann Steiger-

Jo Collins                          Tom Kelly                       Seguin

Mike Conway                Mary Alice Keillor            Doug Still

Cynthia Dixon               Michael C. Kurtz              Lois Summers

David Dixon                 Donna McDougall             John Weeman

Patrick James Ferraro      Mary Russell


VII.   Jubilee House
Rick Taylor gave an update on the successful Swingshift with the Stars fundraiser.  They raised a total of $70,000.  After expenses, a total of $55,000 was realized for the Jubilee House.  Special presentations were made to Rick Taylor-fundraiser chairperson, Abby Myar-dancer, and Jack Singer-retiring JH assistant director.

VIII. Courtesy Resolutions
Resolutions were approved by acclamation recognizing all former living clergy and exiting vestry members.

Clergy include Mark D. Story, D. Edward Emenheiser, Daniel P. Richards.  Associate clergy include Frederick E. Myer, Louise Kountze, Cathy Richardson Venkatesh, Katheryn King, and Deacon Bonnie Smith.

Exiting vestry members include Nancy Flowers, Helen Hankins, Anne Montgomery, Donna Olendorf, and Chuck Wolterink.

IX. Announcements

New vestry members were asked to stay for a group photo.  The vestry potluck to welcome new members and say good-by to retiring members is Tuesday, January 24 at 6:00 in the parish hall.

Rick Taylor acknowledged Reverend Carlton Kelley, interim priest, for his love and support.

X. Closing Prayer
Rev. Kelley offered a closing prayer.

XI. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sue Kelly
Recording Secretary





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