Eight by Eight: Another way to share a meal

By Mike and Irene Cotter

Mike_Irene_CotterIn Daniel’s parting remarks last month before he left on sabbatical, he invited each of us to share our blessings over a meal together. As we reflected on this idea, we realized that yes, we could do this, and maybe it might provide the opportunity to know on a few of our fellow Grace parishioners on a deeper level.

So, with that in mind, on Sunday June 29th at 6:00 P.M. we would like to share a meal in our home with six fellow parishioners…(singles or couples) who might like to get to know each other better.

We have only two requests of those who choose to join us:

 1. To bring a dish to share with eight people.

 2. To “Pay It Forward” by opening your home and sharing a meal with six or seven other fellow Grace parishioners sometime over the summer.

 Because Reverend Katherine saw a similar idea at work in a previous church in which she served, we’re taking the name they used for it: “Eight by Eight.”

A sign up sheet for our dinner will be posted in the commons beginning Saturday June 14th. Hope six of you will join us. And if anyone else chooses to start another “Eight by Eight”…you have our blessing!