Election results – 150th Annual Meeting

Jeff Wescott, James Deaton, Kathryn Holl, Bill Smith, Karl Bastian (L to R).
Newly elected 2017 vestry members: Jeff Wescott, James Deaton, Kathryn Holl, Bill Smith, Karl Bastian (L to R).


The 150th Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, January 22, 2017, and included several important elections.

James Deaton, Kathryn Holl, Bill Smith, and Jeff Wescott were elected to fill three year terms on the vestry, while Karl Bastian was appointed to replace Nancy Flowers for a one-year-term.

Elizabeth Blondia, Greg Hagan, and Donna Olendorf were elected as diocesan delegates to the annual convention. Rosemary Hagan, Elizabeth Black, and George Prewitt are alternates.

Mary Pierce and Kate Wood were elected to the 2017 nominating commitee, which is charged with identifying candidates for next year’s elections.

Congratulations to the new members of the Grace leadership team.

Recognition and thank you were given to outgoing Vestry members: Nancy Flowers, Helen Hankins, Anne Montgomery, Donna Olendorf and Chuck Wolterink. Their commitment, especially during the difficult last two years, is most appreciated.

Deep gratitude was extended to those who supported Jubilee House in special ways: Jack Singer as a faithful volunteer and co-director for the ministry for the last three years; Connie Riopelle, devoted director of the facility for several years; Rick Taylor for outstanding fundraising through Swingshift and the Stars, a local dance competition for charities, and Abby Byar, our talented dancer for that competition. The Jubilee House ministry thrived with their enthusiasm and hours of work.