Have you ever wanted to read the New Testament?

Ever wanted to read the New Testament with a group of people?

Woman sits in a sofa and read the Bible

chron bible coverPeople of around the world have been reading the Bible in a Year. We have used a unique format in that we are reading the Bible in chronological order. We read the Bible with an estimated time in when the events of the Bible are occurring. Through using the book and reading plan called, “The One Year Chronological Bible: NIV” from Tyndale, we are given a unique way for reading the Bible. Click here for purchase.

The readings and reflections are supported by a daily posting to a website at: http://www.bibleintime.org/ .  We also have a reflection session each Sunday, generally in the Grace Parish Hall, from 9:10 am – 9:40 am where we pray, reflect, question, discuss, and sip coffee. Reflection sheets are disturbed each week and are available at the session or on the Resource Table in the Parish Hall. (Grace Episcopal Church, 341 Washington Ave, Traverse City, Michigan – USA. One block south of the west branch of Grand Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan, North America.)

This is all to say that on Thursday, September 24, Bible in Time (our class name) will be journeying into the New Testament for its daily readings. So have you ever wanted to read the New Testament with a group of people? This would be the time to do it.

Contact Dave Eitland at deitland@gmail.com for more information.