Join Meredith and David on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land

June 25, 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,

In September 2015, a little over a year from now, David (Lillvis) and I will be flying to Jerusalem in order for me to serve as Chaplain at St. George’s College from September through December 2015. This means that I will be on each course offered by the College to provide devotions and spiritual reflections. I would like to invite you to consider joining David and me on this pilgrimage to the Holy Land by enrolling in one of the courses offered during our time there.

The Website link is: where you can read the description of each course, see photos, and obtain all the necessary information to register. The course fee includes room and board. You must provide your own airfare.

The courses that are being offered during my tenure as Chaplain are:

Palestine of Jesus September 08 – September 21 $3050 14 days
Ways in the Wilderness October 01 – October 14 $5500 14 days
Palestine of Jesus October 21 – November 03 $3050 14 days
Palestine of Jesus November 10 – November 19 $2260 10 days
Optional Jordan Excursion November 20 – November 23 $700 3 days
Palestine of Jesus December 09 – December 18 $2260 10 days

The basic course, the “Palestine of Jesus” provides the best introduction to the Holy Land in a 10 or 14 day study tour with both educational and devotional aspects. This course has been the most popular and most requested program at St. George’s College Jerusalem. Each day includes superb lectures on the themes of the day given by the Course Director and visiting scholars.  We also have on site spiritual reflections by our chaplain, group reflections and meaningful worship. We begin in Jerusalem with an overview of the Old City.  We visit the Holiest Sites of the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism’s Western Wall, Christianity’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Islam’s Temple Mount.  We take day trips to Bethlehem, and the visitation in Ein Kerem. In Jericho we see the oldest city in the world and reaffirm our Baptismal vows at the Jordan River where John baptized Jesus. The course goes north to Galilee stopping at Caesarea Maritima where St. Paul was imprisoned and Mt. Carmel where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal.  Then on to Nazareth to visit the Church of the Annunciation, the village in which Jesus grew up and the Synagogue where he was rejected.  We pass Cana on our way to the Sea of Galilee and Capernaum, Jesus’ home base for three years.  While staying 2 nights in Galilee, we visit the Mount of Beatitudes, the place of the Multiplication of the loaves and the Table of Christ where Peter was reconciled to Jesus after his denial.

We visit Caesarea Philippi, where Peter confessed Jesus as the Christ, along with Bethsaida and Kursi (the Gerasene Demoniac) before returning to Jerusalem after stopping at Mt. Tabor, the place of Transfiguration. There is an optional trip to Masada, Qumran and the Dead Sea. The course concludes with a Holy Week walk from the top of the Mt. of Olives to the Holy Sepulchre. The last morning begins with a prayerful walk along the via Dolorosa, concluding with Eucharist at Emmaus.

People come from around the world to St. George’s. The courses are for anyone in good enough health to do some daily walking, and for anyone who wants both to learn about and as well as experience the Holy Land. There are opportunities to meet people of all three faith traditions and from both Israel and the West Bank, and the Anglican Church of Jerusalem is actively involved in interfaith, intercultural, and peace dialogues in the area.

David and I sincerely hope that you will consider finding a way to have this invaluable experience by joining us in 2015.


The Reverend Canon Meredith Hunt
The Reverend David M. Lillvis





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