Jubilee House renovation project is complete!

By Glenda and Ken Andrews

JubileeHouse_ken and glenda andrewsWatching Jubilee House grow has been a rewarding journey – like a spring flower you watch in anticipation from that first bud in the snow until it is in full beautiful bloom.

When Jubilee House opened in 2006, our grandchildren were four and five years old. They are now 13 and 14 and are beautiful young adults with so much potential ahead of them. Jubilee House is much the same with so much more potential ahead of it.

Jubilee House started out as a small outreach ministry of Grace Church in 2006 with only 980 visits for a whole year with five volunteers two days a week. In 2014 there were 10,822 visits in a year with 26 volunteers. Now the house is open five days a week, 52 weeks a year with extended hours in extreme weather.

JubileeHousePortraitJubilee House has become a beacon for distant communities like Cadillac, Manton, and Manistee who have heard and then seen the house at work and then gone home to start a house like it in their communities. There have been interviews, press releases, nightly news cast reporting, speeches to the community, made of this wonderful house that Grace built.

The house has been there in the time of great need for many people, averaging 40 visits a day, and perhaps has even helped save lives for over eight years. In the beginning only Grace Church supported this ministry but then the community saw the need and the good coming from the ministry of Jubilee House and has since become a partner in supporting all that it does. This support comes in many forms, from donations of warm clothing to hot fresh food to be served to products needed for maintaining the house, and financial support.

And when Jubilee House was busting out at the seams, Grace Church and the community said, “how can we help?” and a new beautiful space was made for future growth. I always say Jubilee House is God’s house because when there is a need, God always finds the way for us to be able to continue to be his hands and feet.

Jubilee House says WELL DONE my faithful and loyal servants for believing in this ministry and what it could become. Thank you the body of Christ of Grace Church.

Jubilee House is part of the Jubilee Ministries, which is comprised of Jubilee House, Spedding Food Pantry, and Friday Lunch.





We have temporarily suspended all in-person gatherings for worship, along with all in-person events not related to our vital outreach ministries. We look forward to returning to joyful worship together. Please check back for announcement of dates. Full letter from Father Jim here.

During this period, we will offer the opportunity to engage in prayer, worship, and discipleship via Facebook Live.
Sat at 5pm
Sun at 10am

To ensure continuity for the church and our vital ministries to our community, please consider online giving in lieu of your plate offerings.

Stay tuned and stay safe. 🙏🏻❤️

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