Lenten Studies

6 pm: Simple meal of soup and bread in Parish Hall
6:30: Lenten study classes: 1) Learning to Pray,  2) Theological Reflection

People of Grace,

There are two classes, at least, going on Wednesday nights during Lent. I will be teaching one and the Rev. Katheryn King will be teaching the other. I want to commend Katheryn’s class to you.

BibleBooksLearning how to pray is one of those things we often overlook in our development as disciples of Jesus. His instructions are spare to say the least, but there have saints before us who have marked out the ways of prayer for us in more detail. I have been personally shaped a great deal by Rueben Job and his guides to prayer, both daily guides and instructions. I highly commend this class to you as one taught by our own Pastor Katheryn based on his materials. His ability to make clear the path of prayer will benefit your life with Christ.

I am also teaching a class, more of a reflection group, on the lenten book Theology for a Troubled Believer by Diogenes Allen. We will be working our way through the book together based on reading outside of class and doing theological reflection together.

Please find a group to study and dialogue with this Lent. The small group of fellow pilgrims journeying together can radically change your life with Christ. Ask any of the Bible Study participants who have been walking with Dave Eitland or book club members or Wednesday Eucharist participants. This Lent walk with others in the light of Christ.

Blessings along the way,


(originally posted to Grace Facebook page)