Let us “magnify” the Lord

By Barbara Klugh
Stewardship Committee

BarbBibleStudyAs we know, Grace Church is in the midst of transition even as we prepare to welcome Christ on Christmas. Daniel has moved to his new call, the Rev. Katheryn will be joining her husband Dave in Oregon in a couple of months, and Erika has completed her time at Grace. That’s a lot of change.

God has been very good to us, and it is always difficult to end such blessed relationships.

Although it may feel like turmoil to some, we have the opportunity to pull together and face the future with hope, courage, patience, humility—and a sense of humor. Charissa has already taken the reins as our administrative assistant, and we’ll welcome our interim rector between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

The Master Planning Committee is on the move. You can read the “Rector search time-line” on our website and I’m sure it will be printed in Grace Life.

As we face challenges, we can expect blessings and new fruit as we continue to celebrate God’s grace in our community. It’s heartening that so many of your have responded to the Gospel call to financial stewardship and ministry. Thank you!

We’ve been praying the Magnificat during our Advent worship services. The odd thing is that it is God who “magnifies” our gifts through the Holy Spirit, and every pledge and sharing of time and talent makes a difference. If you have not submitted your pledge yet, please do so by the end of the year. If you have never pledged, this is the time to start.

As God magnifies our gifts, how can we respond with gratitude for God’s favor? What can each of us do to “magnify” the Lord during these final days of Advent, into the Christmas season, and during the exciting year ahead?