Memorial Day reflection

A reflection from a mother in the community on the loss of her son.

Matt SchwartzMy son, Tech. Sgt. Matthew Schwartz, died January 5, 2012, in Afghanistan. He performed acts of heroism every day while he was away at war. Entering cities in Iraq, clearing roads, feeding children who had become orphans, un-detonating bombs, rescuing people who were being held hostage in their own countries–all of those acts are scary to me… as his mom.  He would never tell me about that part of it, the scary parts; he was always trying not to make me worry. He was a very good son.

All these things made me think of Jesus. Did he not do these same exact things? Did he not pave a way for all to have a new beautiful life with him? Did he not feed the hungry and adopt us into his family making us a Royal Priesthood? Did he not defuse explosive situations with just the sound of his gentle voice speaking with wisdom?  Wow… what an example.

I think of the times Matt would reply, “It’s no big deal. It’s my job.” Humble, always humble. He was always placing others before himself; and oh how he loved his family. Ten days before he died, he emailed his wife to express his love for her: “So Jennifer if God comes today and takes me home I will have had more blessings than anyone could have ever wished for.”

Many have described my son’s death as “the ultimate sacrifice.”  My response? “No, Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice; my son just followed in his footsteps. Thank you Jesus for being Matt’s hero!”

As told to Charissa Kaschel by Cindy Schwartz.



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