Reading the Bible – Two Plans in 2015

By Dave Eitland

Happy New Year!  Blessed New Year!

Dave EitlandWe, at Grace Episcopal Church, 341 Washington Ave, Traverse City, Michigan, USA continue our effort to give people worldwide the gift of the Bible by a discipline of daily reading and prayer.  Daily prayers will be based on the wonderful and enduring Book of Common Prayer, its Morning Daily Office, with prayers and selection each day from the Daily Office Calendar. These reflections will be posted on two blogs, GraceFullBible and The Bible in Time, and discussed weekly at a Sunday morning reflection sessions at Grace.

The purpose of this venture is to give disciples the basic knowledge of Scripture, to create a discipline of daily prayer and reading, and with the leading of the Holy Spirit to move out into the congregation and the parish.

Plan 1: GraceFullBible – Read the New Testament in a Year

Facsimile of William Tyndale's 1525 English translation of the New Testament. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

GraceFullBible will be using a reading plan based on a reading of the New Testament in a Year. The idea for the reading came from the modification of many reading plans that are currently out there. The idea is to read a chapter a day in the New Testament for the coming year. There are only 260 chapters in the New Testament so we will be reading the chapters on weekdays and using the weekends for reflection and worship.

Each day on GraceFullBible will have:

  • The reading for the day
  • A link to the reading on This will allow you to read any version of the bible by clicking the down arrow button on the New Revised Standard Version button. On the right hand side allows you further study from various on-line resources.
  • There will be some background as needed from various resources on-line.
  • There will be a brief overview directly from the text with source quoted.
  • There will be a prayer, canticle, psalm, prayer, or scripture from the Morning Office from the Book of Common Prayer with links to the full office on-line.

As you reflect on the New Testament ask yourself what is the Holy Spirit telling you about faith, life in Christ, the church, and your ministry? What are the core dogmas/beliefs or theology of your faith that are shaped by this reading?

This is a virtual class. Everything is available on the GraceFullBible blog – click here. Hard copy of each week’s reflection are available for pick-up at the Resource Table in the Parish Hall. You can start at any time.

Plan 2: The Bible in Time – Read the Bible in Chronological Order

the-new-revised-standard-version-bibleA fascinating way to read through the Bible! Now you can gain a better understanding of the order of biblical events and the historical context in which they unfolded.

The One Year Chronological Bible® arranges the entire Bible text—books, chapters, and even verses—in the order the events actually happened.

In The One Year Chronological Bible®, prophetic books are interwoven with the historical accounts they accompanied. Psalms follow the events they were written about. Proverbs are placed in the time frame in which they were compiled. The life of Christ is woven into one moving story. And Paul’s letters to the young churches in the first century are integrated into the book of Acts. Transition statements help you understand why some Scripture portions appear where they do. You do not have to be a Bible historian to appreciate the fascinating new perspective waiting for you in The One Year Chronological Bible. It’s like reading some of your favorite passages for the very first time.

The One Year Chronological Bible® also has:

  • 365 daily readings to help you read the entire Bible chronologically in one year
  • Transition statements to help you understand why some Scripture portions appear where they do
  • Historical dates indicating when the events actually occurred
  • A general timeline of major events to give you a clear overview of Israel’s history
  • A Scripture index in canonical order to help you find your favorite passages quickly and easily

The blog The Bible in Time will have a reading of the Bible daily using a best guess chronological reading or the readings arranged when they were written in time and arranged in chronological order. Again as the website encourages you, buy the text. Copies are available in the Grace Parish Office.

In addition, there will be a weekly reflection session held in the Parish Hall of Grace Episcopal Church at 910 am – 940 am (local) each Sunday, where a group of readers and not, gather to reflect, question, discuss, and pray through the Bible for the purpose of enhancing faith and personal discipleship.  What is God calling you to do?  There is always good coffee. Handouts will have the readings of the previous week and listings for the following week.

Whether you read the New Testament this year or the entire Bible, just start reading, reflecting, and pray. You can start at any time.

Hard copy of each week’s reflection are available for pick-up at the Resource Table in the Parish Hall.

updated 4/27/2015





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