Rector Search Committee update – March 2017

By MaryLee Pakieser and Sandy Seppala Gyr

The Rector Search Committee continues on its journey to discern a new rector for Grace.

As we reported, the Community Ministry Portfolio, which describes our parish and ministries for potential candidates, was posted on the clergy transition web site in December. Our posting will remain open until March 31. We elected to place an advertisement with Episcopal Digital Network, which reaches more than 70,000 clergy and other active and involved Christians.  We believe this is a way to reach a broad audience and increase the number of candidates who might be interested in Grace.  To view our ad, click here

We are close to receiving a list of candidates.

Canon Bill Spaid, our Diocesan Transition Officer, receives all applications and conducts the initial vetting to determine which candidates qualify for our consideration. He has received applications!   Hopefully in the very near future we will be receiving the list of candidates and start the interviewing process.  The committee will screen the initial group of candidates to determine those we will invite for a first interview.  As we start this phase of the work we are bound by confidentiality to not discuss our work outside of the committee – We are mindful that those applying for this job are in a vulnerable state as they are discerning a change from their present position.

As we continue our work, we ask you to hold our committee, Canon Bill Spaid, Bishop Whayne Hougland and all the candidates in your prayers.  We invite God’s Holy Spirit to guide us in our discernment, and we appreciate your patience as we engage in this holy work on behalf of the parish.