Reflections on Education for Ministry (EFM)

By Julia Hogan

I’ve come broken and bewildered,
Cynical but seeking,
Hoping for wonder, while keeping my nose above water.
Then community happened, at EFM.
There are no bad questions.
Doubt is not white washed here.
We, God and people, linking arms to walk the road of divine discovery.
We have shared anger, sickness, celebration and loss.
We are Family now.
We are church, we are Priests who have tasted leaven and unleavened bread.
Many thirst,
as do we, but we have tasted the new wine and it is explosive, and quenching.
So with expectation we look ahead to the many reflections that are to come.
Things that make us wonder.
Where God will use these hands, this voice, these arms of embrace and welcome?
To seekers and doubters, fellow travelers on the road,to those who long to dance with their Beloved.