Summer is a time to celebrate each day

Karl Bastian
Karl Bastian

As another Cherry Festival draws to a close, I’m again reminded of the fleeting nature of summertime here in Northern Michigan. The festival itself lasts a mere eight days; a speck of time when over 600,000 people draw together to enjoy as much living and celebrating as they can.

While I often avoid the throngs of festival goers, I can appreciate their drive for “carpe diem.” It seems we often don’t (or can’t) appreciate the gift that God gives us each day. The simple, yet wonderful, gift of being able to draw breath.

This point has been driven home to me on a couple separate occasions in my life. Each of which was a time of personal trial. I most recently took notice of the need to “live every day to the fullest” when my father took ill last December. Since that time, he has rallied, flagged, and rallied again. All while enduring transitions between home, hospitals, and a senior care facility.  Truly, not every day has seemed worthy of celebration. There has been pain. Anguish. Confusion. But he (and we) have persevered. On July 6th, Dad will have made it into his 90th year.

Given the situation, I’m reminded of the quote by operatic tenor and Michigan native, Robert Breault;

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

With this in mind, I’ll seek to enjoy the little things this summer. Long days of sunshine. A cool dip in the bay. Good times with family and friends; for however long they last.

May you find time to celebrate all that God and life offers here in Northern Michigan.