The Daily Office

By The Very Rev. Daniel P. Richards

Christians have gathered for prayer at various hours of the day from the
time of the apostles. Morning and Evening Prayers have been marked for us
in the Anglican tradition by the prayer book services. They represent a
merging of the morning and afternoon offices of the Benedictine monastic

So why do it? By beginning and ending our days in regular prayer and
Scripture, we shape our hearts and minds to the way of God.

The Daily Office can appear daunting at first, so let me just encourage you
to begin with where you are and simplify as much as you need to and add as
you feel ready. It can feel text heavy, so don’t be afraid to stop and just
listen to God breathing in you and let the text sing rather than plod along.

We begin with a sentence of Scripture and confession, then the Psalms and
readings, Apostle’s Creed and the Lord’s Prayer, a collect or two, and a
final prayer of thanksgiving, and blessing to close.

You can find each service in the Book of Common Prayer, at, or ask for someone to walk you through it. Like any
practice, the first few times through feel awkward, but after a short time,
it is hard to imagine life without it.

We will have a little workshop after each service this weekend to get you
started if you are new are just need a refresher.