The mission of Grace drew me in

By Laura Oldenburg

Ministry Fair SignNew is what God promises each morning. (Lamentations 3:22-24). So when my husband Don and I started at Grace we looked for what God had promised, mercy and faithfulness. Being new is is not unknown to me, either as a child, a young adult, and a senior adult. We have lived many places and been a part of many congregations.

But Grace was so different for me. I was raised in an evangelical faith so Grace is so different from that plain worship without written liturgy. Even the vocabulary was different to me. Good friends invited us to come to a Wednesday night class taught by Daniel. We were seeking deeper study as well as engaging the mystery of God.

grat cardOnce we started attending the Sunday service I really noticed all the newness around me. The mission of Grace–Welcome, Worship, Study, Serve–drew me in. But I didn’t know anything about all the programs representing the mission goals. So as I sought answers, I realized the variety of ways the people of Grace worshipped and served God. If “gratitude comes from recognizing the richness of our lives” (Bonhoffer), then these many ways seen at Grace enrich our lives and lead us to gratitude.

This also made me think of “all ya’ll” who might not be aware of these various ways to deepen our worship and service. There is an fun way to discover more about Grace. The “Ministry Fair” will be offering interaction with point people for different ministries and informational cards on all of them September 26-27 after each service. I am excited because even though I am an antique girl, God still can use me to love and serve him.

Please join us at the fair!!