The pope’s message is the message of Grace Church

By Ken and Glenda Andrews

Pope Francis greets a crowd.  Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Pope Francis greets a crowd. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

I sit here today watching history take place in this wonderful country of ours. To hear Pope Francis speaking the words of Jesus to the leaders of our country, I ponder. The Pope’s message of family, love, and reaching out to help those of us that are in need, whatever or wherever their need may be, I think, has been the legacy of Grace.

My thoughts are, that Grace Church is that kind of family. In the time of need the love at Grace speaks out LOUD AND CLEAR “WE ARE HERE”! The telephones start to ring, letters go out for comfort and people step up physically all to do the work God has sent them to do. These words and actions of comfort and support DO make a difference in a person’s life. This is the body of Christ at Grace at work.

We have been asked to look at ourselves internally for gratitude that we have in our personal lives. Often, Ken and I think of the outpouring of love we have received from our family of Grace and are so very grateful for it. It speaks so loudly of who and what Grace is when the Grand Traverse community recognizes the humanity of the helping heart of Grace for those in need from the many outreach ministries of Grace.

Grace will accomplish many great things by focusing on the sanctity of the human spirit of hope and healing when we all come together to do the work God has sent us out to do.