Vacation Bible School at Grace July 17-18-19: Searching for treasures on God’s good earth

by Sue Kelly, Children & Youth Education Council

Where can you find God this summer?  Our children and youth will be asked this question on our last day of church school, June 10.  Look for their responses in the centerpieces on the tables in the parish hall during our ice cream social coffee hour.

One place they will be able to find God this summer will be at Vacation Bible School, July 17-19.  This year it will take place at the beautiful Schubert Farm on Fouch Rd.  The Schuberts have graciously invited our Grace kids grades K-5 to find God as we Search for Treasures on God’s Good Earth.

A creative team is putting together a three day experience from 9am to 12 noon to explore the goodness of God’s creation outside in fun, active ways that will get your hands dirty.  We will be using the Creation Story from our Godly Play curriculum to guide our explorations and ground our VBS kids in scripture from Genesis.

“What was the biggest present you ever got?”  The storyteller suggests there are some gifts that are so huge they can be hard to see and the only way to see them is to go back to the beginning.  “In the beginning…well in the beginning there wasn’t very much.  In the beginning there was… nothing.”  (Godly Play Curriculum by Jerome Berryman)

God gave us the gift of light, the gift of water, the gift of dry land with green and growing things, the gift of day/night and a way to count our days, the gift of creatures that fly and swim, the gift of creatures that walk on the earth, and the gift of a day of rest to remember the great gifts of all the other days.  And God said, “It is good.”

“Why is this story important?  The story of creation reminds us with whom and through whom we begin.  A measure of the joy that creation inspires in us comes from knowing that its beauty has a source far beyond us.  Its size, its complexities, and its interconnections leave us awestruck.  The power of God’s creating word challenges both our hearts and minds to recognize the wonder of human beings as well.  At their best these final creations show signs of the love and strength that God wills for all of life.  Can we rise to the challenge of living in accordance with God’s will? ”

(Witness Sunday School Curriculum)

Each day we will begin by meeting on blankets on the lawn where we will joyfully sing songs lead by Connie Meyers.  We will pray and then each day hear a portion of the creation story.  Kids will then be divided into three groups for rotating stations.

The Garden/Service/Snack station will be run by Linda Schubert.  Kids will plant and harvest for the Pantry Garden which feeds our hungry.  They will also prepare their snack from the nutritious vegetables right from the earth.  The Exploring God’s Creation Hike will be led by Elizabeth Blondia.  Kids will find and identify birds, wildflowers, trees, rocks, and creatures in the earth and pond.  The Nature Inspired Arts/Crafts will be created with the help of Sue Kelly.  While kids are working on crafts, they will have the opportunity to ride on a horse led by Art Schubert.

At the end of our time, we will meet back on our blankets to end in prayer and say goodbye:

Dear God, thank you for bringing us together.

Thank your for creating the world and everything in it.

Help us learn to be good caretakers of your creation. Amen.

k for more information on the bulletin board in the parish hall, sign-up poster in the Commons, and postcards sent to your house.  You may also call the office to sign up.  Let’s explore God’s Good Earth together at Vacation Bible School!

The VBS Committee

Elizabeth Blondia. Sue Kelly, Connie Meyers, Linda Schubert


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