Voice of the vestry: Taking care of each other

By Denny Meyers

Vestry Keep Denny Meyers
Vestry Keep Denny Meyers

Numerous times God says “love one another as I have loved you.”

At Grace we seem to do a good job of this whether you are talking about Jubilee House, the Jubilee House Food Pantry, Pastoral Care, the Healing Team, preparing a meal, sharing a meal, studying and praying together, etc. I could go on and on with the ways we at Grace take care of each other.

However, as good of a job as we are doing, there is always room for improvement. The Grace family has an aging population of parishioners whose unique needs are growing and changing every day. Just as we need to be conscious of the needs of “all of our family” we especially need to serve this population of Grace. They have been Vestry members, LEMS, Altar Guild members, volunteers in the office, members of the choir, prayer warriors, gardeners, and more.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to those who have done God’s work to make Grace what it is today. Many of them continue to serve to the best of their ability and continue to be servants of God and for God. What a gift! God comforts us in our time of need so that we may comfort others in their time of need. Let us be ever mindful of the needs of others and to always, in some way, do something about those needs with an attitude of gratitude!