Voice of the vestry: I find my restart button at church

By Maria DiStefano-Post

Maria DiStefano-Post

Drive the kids to school, leave work to buy swim tights, go back to work, make dinner, take Turbo, our dog, to the veterinarian, (insert all the other daily home chores) and just when I think my day is through, it’s not: I have to go to the store at 10pm because I have to provide a snack for the bus ride for tomorrow’s away swim meet and the bus leaves at 5:30AM!  What I have just described is a day in the life of the Post home.  Our family mirrors so many other families, and one does not have to be a parent to relate to our busy lives.  Life, with a capital L takes a hold of us, and some days I feel like I’m just going along on the roller coaster ride; and of course, my hands are not on the wheel.  We are always on the go, whether it’s our jobs that are demanding, or our family lives; and even more daunting – how does one find a healthy balance between the two?

There is one thing that is consistent in my life, and that is finding time to sit with my family in my spot in the left wing of the church at 10am on Sundays.  There I find my restart button for the week.  There I find my grounding place.  There I find something greater than myself.  And there I ask for the Holy Spirit to provide me with solace, patience, forgiveness, grace, and strength.  I have a feeling that I’m not the only one.

Prioritizing is essential in surviving this big thing called life.  For me it is very important to attend mass regularly.  My children aren’t always enthusiastic about attending church because there are times when they would rather sleep in after a grueling week of academics and sports; I know, I have my moments as well.  I get it!  But, instilling in them a love for worship, community, fellowship, and service is an important part of what we want to accomplish as parents.  We feel that attending service and youth group, encouraging them to be disciples, and to be inquisitive about our faith are important cornerstones for becoming a responsible and empathetic Christian.

I hope that they will learn by my example.  Yes, I live a busy life.  Yes, there are days that are harder than others.  Yes, it would be easier to say no to many things.  But in my heart of hearts I knew that taking a leap of faith and accepting the nomination for vestry last year was the right decision for me, even though my calendar is always jam-packed.  It has been, thus far, a humbling journey.  I’m glad that God has chosen this roller coaster ride for me.





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