Voice of the vestry: The life of Grace is continuing…

“Live by what you believe, not by what you fear.”   — Bishop Deborah Kiesey

By Chuck Wolterink

Vestry member Chuck WolterinkHere is a brief update on some of the issues regarding the Rector search.  1) We held a special meeting to discuss the search for an interim Rector.  The Bishop has sent us dossiers on three candidates, which we have reviewed.  A subcommittee of the Vestry will be interviewing all three by Skype shortly after Easter.  The Vestry will then rank the candidates and extend an offer; however, due to their prior commitments it may be summer before one is actually in place.  2) Also after Easter, the Vestry will hold another special meeting to finalize the Search Committee for a permanent Rector.  3) The draft of the Parish Profile has been completed, and the Profile will soon be available both on line and in print.

It’s easy to become so preoccupied with all the changes around us that we may forget that the life of Grace is continuing in many quiet ways just as it always has.  For example, two special services were held recently that I found very moving.  On March 16, a Service of Healing and Forgiveness culminated the Lenten Wednesday evening study on healing.  Led by Rev. Katheryn King and Rev. Meredith Hunt, it included prayers for individuals as well as the opportunity to receive laying on of hands and a personal blessing.  And on March 20, our chapter of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship held its annual Interfaith Peace Service, with a homily by Rev. Chris Lane of Central United Methodist Church and participation by Jewish, Buddhist, and Native American readers.

As I write this, we are still deep into Lent, with the somberness of Holy Week still before us.  I’ve been struggling with Lent even more than usual this year–physically, emotionally and spiritually, grieving many losses, including those at Grace.  My Lenten discipline of prayer, reading, and fasting, never as consistent as I intend even in a good year, has pretty much gone out the window.  It’s sometimes hard to remember that Easter will arrive eventually–but look!  Here it is!  Who could have imagined such a thing?  Only God.

“Healer of our every ill, light of each tomorrow,
Give us peace beyond our fear, and hope beyond our sorrow.”
–Marty Haugen (With One Voice 738)