Voice of the vestry: understanding what God provides to make his people whole

By Anne Montgomery

Anne Montgomery

It all started a year ago with the invitation to run for the vestry.   It has been a tumultuous year for the church and my family.   On the high road, for my family we had a wonderful reunion around our son’s wedding. The Lord blesses us with a new daughter-in-law and a great future for their union.   On the low road, we have had to deal with serious health issues for my husband Bill. We have celebrated and we have cried and we have picked up our spirits and moved on with a positive attitude based on the Lord’s Grace.

The tumult for the church was in the need to unify our congregation for many reasons. We faced a revelation of sexual harassment although many years had passed. We faced the uncertain future with the rector moving to another church. We faced the uncertain financial future. We faced uncertainty of finding another rector to lead our congregation.   But we never faced all of this without the certainty that God was there to support us. The vestry has made many decisions in this year…we have tackled the “sexual harassment” issue and found that we were able to keep our faith in the unity of the congregation. We have selected a “search committee” that has initiated our hunt for new clergy. We have managed our finances so that all the commitments have been met. We have invited our interim priest to help us move forward in pastoral care, unity, and Godly love.

For me this one year term on the vestry has allowed me to understand the congregation in more depth, to understand what it takes for a church to survive and to understand what it is that God provides to make his people whole. The vestry experience is a positive chance to see “his people” at work sustaining our forward motion to make a difference in the world. Thanks for the opportunity to do this work. Blessings to the vestry and all of us for this coming year 2017. May the beginning of our church year and new possibilities bring us to a wonderful New Year for one and all.