Voice of the Vestry: We blossom with new life

By Dixie Stephen

Vestry member Dixie StephenAs I ponder the writing of this month’s Voice of Vestry, a rain storm, complete with thunder and lightning, is carrying forth. I am reminded of the significance of renewal. We have “weathered” a difficult winter and a spring that has struggled to break through the throes of the past six months.

As a gardener, I awaited the growing season with impatience; aching to get on my knees to work the soil around the sleeping plants – hoping that the winter kill was minimal. It has been rewarding over the last two weeks to see that nearly all of my precious plants have survived.

This morning, with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and my dog, Lucky, I walked through the gardens. The thrill of seeing the plants pushing through the soil and fresh layer of “moo-poo” is a confirmation of the blessed renewal. I am in awe of this newness. Spring always comes – why is it such a surprise and delight? The tulips and daffodils are ecstatic to have broken free of the frozen earth to replenish them and us. The lime-colored leaves of the coral bells practically sing for joy. The deep blue shoots of a hosta next to them provide a comforting balance.

This morning’s garden excursion provided the opportunity to see the plants as they begin their journey through the year. Right now, we can see each of them clearly before they burst forth in a riot of leaves and blossoms. As we traverse this spring and coming summer, pray that we “burst forth” with new life; that we continue to grow in our walk of discipleship. It is the way of Grace.